Who is eligible for the plan?

Eligible individuals can open the account for themselves, or an authorized individual can open an account on their behalf. There are a few requirements that individuals with disabilities must meet to be able to have an account.

You’re eligible if:

  • You’re entitled to SSI or SSDI because of your disability; and
  • Your disability was present before age 26.
Understand who is eligible

Start saving today.

Enjoy tax-advantaged saving without impacting your current benefits.

Do you need more assistance with navigating Colorado ABLE? Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities (CFPD) is a local nonprofit that can answer your questions and help you set up an account. Find more information at www.cfpdtrust.org or contact them at (720)236-0034 or ABLE@cfpdtrust.org. *

*The services are not being offered to or on behalf of CollegeInvest, and CFPD is not acting as an independent contractor to CollegeInvest in agreeing to provide the Services. CollegeInvest shall have no responsibility for the Services provided by CFPD.